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Expert Will Preparation

Your family is important, and making sure they're taken care of after you're gone may seem overwhelming. In the State of Texas, you are able to create a Will and leave your property to the persons or institutions you desire. That's where we come in.

Your Last Will and Testament

We draw on years of experience to offer reliable advice and support when preparing your Will. We make sure that your Will transfers your estate as YOU desire — when you die. Increasingly, we video record the signing of your Will to head off “will contests” and make sure there are no questions about your Will or the procedures when you signed it. We have never had a client's Will that we prepared declared invalid.

Dying With No Will

Take care of your loved ones through a Will

When you die without a Will, the fate of your property is up in the air because the state of Texas makes the rules about what happens to your property. Quite simply: State of Texas Rules in virtually all situations do not pass property the way a person probably wants. So, when someone dies without a Will it's more complicated AND the State decides what happens to your property since you did not make that decision yourself in a Will you signed. So, you see, having a Will puts YOU (and not the State of Texas) in control of what happens to YOUR PROPERTY when you die. It is the biggest and most important step in making a responsible choice about what happens when you die.


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