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Personal Injury

Personal Injury
William Angus says: you have a right to be left alone and FREE FROM INJURY

There are a variety of situations that cause injuries to people and property. These include car wrecks, unsafe property conditions, injuries from equipment / mechanical operations, as well as intentionally- inflicted injuries.

Most bodily injury / property damage claims involve “negligence” where someone fails to use “ordinary care” and that failure causes monetary damages that can be recovered in a claim or lawsuit. In some situations, the injury results from a defective product or a failure to warn about a product or property condition.

Recovery of Attorney's Fees in Injury Cases

We handle injury cases and wrongful death cases on a “continent fee” basis. This is the industry-standard way that injury claims and cases are handled. A percentage of the recovery goes to the client and a percentage goes to the attorney. There is usually a high degree of risk related to these type of cases, so if no money is received on your case, no attorney fees are paid to me.

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