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Managing Painful Emotions is the Key to Family Law Cases

Situations which involve the loss of an intimate relationship, or which impact the future of children, can be particularly painful and hard to manage. We believe the best course in these painful times involves: (1) positive boundaries, (2) keeping one's eye on long-term self and family health/wellness, and (3) controlling negative emotions.

Painful times do pass! Uncontrolled emotions are the single biggest negative consequence flowing from lost relationships. Uncontrolled negative emotions are like corrosive battery acid that simply wrecks and destroys children, families, and individuals – for generations. The good news is that this does not have to be the result. It can be different!

Family Law
Kerry with family at Christmas 1999

Family Law Cases We Handle

We handle all types of family law cases: divorces, child custody matters, modifications of family-related decrees, contempt actions, and annulments. Increasingly, we handle cases involving the division of assets between non-married co-habitating partners. And adoptions. Adoptions are usually a lot of fun!

Kerry at Christmas 22 years later: oldest and youngest members of the family

With every family law matter we handle, we expect clients to be respectful through the entire process. We hope our clients never lose their sense of compassion. However, we want our clients to clearly understand that we will not represent perpetrators or persons who act violently. Taking advantage of children or the disadvantaged is unacceptable. Violence is simply unacceptable.


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