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Criminal Law

We accept misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. All Criminal Law Cases involve an analysis of one primary question:

Should the suggested PLEA BARGAIN from the prosecutor be accepted, countered, or rejected?

The Difference Between Plea Bargains and a Full Trial

Clients should remember that “Guilt” or “Innocence” is something that happens after a full trial. Plea bargains are about RISK ANALYSIS: whether it makes sense to accept “a deal” to avoid a worse possible result if the case went to a full trial.

Plea Bargains Are An Option That Avoids a Full Trial

Plea bargains are, therefore, “shortcuts” to an end result, and generally, the prosecutor is offering less than the maximum punishment for your case. A plea bargain is when your case is settled instead of going to a full trial. One can't accept a “plea bargain” and then come back later to get a full trial. Plea bargains are the “final result.” Plea bargains cannot be appealed or reviewed by any other court. Plea bargains are FINAL and SERIOUS.

We Offer Expert Assistance In Analyzing a Plea Bargain

William Angus
William Angus says: "Since I've only got one eye, I made sure Kerry reviewed my plea bargain agreement. You should too."

Because plea bargains are involved in 99.9% of the cases, it is essential that the offered “deal” from the prosecutor be the best one available. That's where we come in. We review the prosecutor's file and evidence, along with all of your evidence that is in your favor. We shine the light on all the evidence and work with you to help you make a smart decision because your case involves your freedom and your life. After almost 40 years of looking at evidence, we can help you and advise you on whether to take a plea bargain or go to a full trial.

If an offered plea bargain is unacceptable, we are available to represent you at a full trial.


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